About Us

These days “Pollution” is everywhere. Wherever you go, you cannot run away from the pollution. So, it is the time that we fight back. It is the time that we stop showing back to our problems and confront them with the best that we can. To fight against the pollution, we need to grow trees and cutting the trees down for the wooden furniture are not helping the cause.

This is why we at the northerngreen, have decided to do a little bit that will help our nature to sustain a little more and in the process will help the mankind.

Who are we and what we do?

We are an organization who has one single motto to spread the green furniture all over the world. We are here to write an inception of a green planet. We are here to stop you from cutting the tree and saving the nature. We are not nature lovers but what we do is to save the nature. We promote green furniture that will increase the beauty of your home. But these green furniture are not made of wood. They are made of a certain material that is reusable and can be recycled when they are used enough. This is where we save the nature. We have brought forward a product that has not only the capability to décor your home with a luxurious look but also can give you a fresh atmosphere which is very much important.

You can Trust Us

Yes! You can have faith on us. The product we sell or offer are completely safe and free from any harmful chemicals. Besides the highlight is that, when you are done using these products, and you plan to abandon them, it won’t cause any harm to the mother nature as these products are all made out of recycled materials and can be recycled again and again.

So, what we have to say is, if you love your nature even a tiny bit, then go for green and do not hesitate to contact our support staff or the team members to know more about the products and buy the ones that will suit your home décor.